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November 24, 2010
BC's Newest Winery is From Creston

William Adolf Baillie-Grohman lived the sort of life at the turn of the last century that Hollywood Western movies are made of. The adventurous Brit, a gentleman farmer and big game hunter, was also an author, chronicling his adventures "out West" in a 300+ page book entitled Fifteen Years' Sport and Life in the Hunting Grounds of Western America and British Columbia. It made him not only one of the Kootenay region's most legendary and colourful pioneers, but an important documentarian of early BC history.

So it's no wonder why Bob Johnson and Petra Flaa, ex-residents of Alberta and the new owners of Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery, decided to name their fledgling enterprise after W.A.'s tenacious pioneering spirit. Like Baillie-Grohman, Johnson and Flaa are themselves a kind of modern day pioneers by choosing to situate a winery on the edge of an emerging wine-growing area, in the unique microclimate surrounding Creston, BC.


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