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December 02, 2010
Anastasia Olive Oil Soap

Thanks to the bad rap that anti-bacterial soaps have recently earned, and because more people are looking to trade in their brand-name (and often chemical-laden) products for healthier alternatives, good old-fashioned olive oil soap has become one of the new heroes of body care. Calling it 'new' is ironic however, considering that olive oil has been used as a beauty aide for centuries.

In Vancouver we are lucky to have access to olive oil produced with tremendous care by a well-known local company. The Koutalianos family have long supplied the top chefs in the city with their certified organic olive oil (from family-owned estates in Greece).  What many Basil Olive Oil fans don't realize however, is that the Koutalianos' also sell a line of beauty and body care products made from their own olive oil -- such as a luxurious rose oil moisturizer and a multi-purpose olive oil soap. ... CONTINUE READING...

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