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March 29, 2012
A First Look at Fat Dragon

You have to give Rob Belcham an "A" for imagination.

When he decided to check out a Craigslist ad for a restaurant on sale in Vancouver's Japantown, the Campagnolo Restaurants chef suspected that its dreary 500-block Powell Street address would have little to recommend it.  And in that respect, he wasn't disappointed.  In his own words:

"The place was scary. But we knew the building had possibilities, and we were right. Once we stripped out the walls and false ceilings, we found beautiful 100-year-old brick walls and high ceilings hidden underneath."

Belcham and his partners, Tim Pittman, Tom Doughty and Ted Anderson are making the most of it, and have filled the long narrow space with 50-60 seats, wooden tables and a handsome bar. Most conspicuous is a massive Marc Bricault-designed "dragon' of overlapping wood and metal scales that soars overhead and reaches down the length of the restaurant - its head disappearing into the kitchen, its tail extending to the outside of the restaurant's entrance to form part of the signage. 

And what is the chubby dragon going to be ogling in that kitchen?  ... CONTINUE READING - SEE PHOTOS...

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