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September 16, 2012
BC Winery Stars at New York Film Fest

The 6th Annual New York Food Film Fest is set to run October 17 - 21st, and once again, a locally made documentary film will represent the British Columbia food and wine scene.

Filmmaker Craig Noble (Tableland) will use the occasion to debut 10,000 Cases, a short film shot entirely at the Naramata Bench winery owned by his sister (Heidi Noble) and brother-in-law (Michael Dinn). Yes, the well known and loved, Joie Farm.

However, with scenes of vineyard-to-fermentation tank action, all shot against a lively musical score and with no script, is it really a film, or the wine industry's version of a rock video? Even Noble isn't exactly sure.

"Basically", he says. "I wanted to show how you can make 10,000 cases of wine in under two minutes. I was at Joie helping with their crush in Fall 2011, so I set up my cameras and shot it."

Considering that the average movie trailer can run longer than that, there isn't one for 10,000 cases. However, you can catch a snippet on Noble's demo reel at the .54 second mark.

After the New York, this film will move on the Chicago Food Film Festival. However, there's more liquid footage already in the can. Says Noble: "I'm currently shooting/researching my new doc, Craft. It's about the craft beer industry explosion and a teaser is already posted on Vimeo. I was up at Crannog Ales for six weeks this summer working and shooting with those dudes."

The content sounds refreshing, and possibly even more so for the audience. One of the fun elements of these particular festivals is that people get to eat the food (or drink the beverage) featured on screen while they are watching it. With the serving of alcohol in small art theatres not posing the threat to society that it does here, New York film goers could very well be sipping on Joie along with their truffled popcorn.

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