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July 28, 2009
Shelora Sheldan's Cooking Blog
Hola! Shelora.

Mexico, Vancouver Island, and their respective cuisines may be thousands of miles apart, but Shelora Sheldan is well versed in both of them.

Yes, the girl gets around. As a Victoria-based food writer and regional reporter for such local publications as Western Living, CityFood, Eat, and Vancouver Magazine, Sheldan is in the know when it comes to who is cooking where, and what's as hot as salsa on the Island food scene. But if she can't be found shopping for seafood in Sooke, seasonal produce in Saanich, or artisan products at the farm gates of the Cowichan Valley, she's likely to be investigating an authentic dish from one of the diverse culinary regions of Mexico. Shelora and her husband, the artist Bill Blair, travel frequently to the country and Sheldan has collected a vast repertoire of recipes that reflect her many culinary experiences there. 

Luckily for us, she's sharing many of these on her new (mostly cooking focused) blog called Cooking With A Broad.  Check it out the next time you get a yen for fish tacos, a frosty watermelon margarita, or just something to munch while curling up with a good Carlos Fuentes novel.

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