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September 15, 2010
New Blogs with Spark: Vancouver Street Eats

They say as soon as a new idea becomes a force in a culture it gets its own magazine, but these days, it's more likely to be a website, or website(s) in multiple.

Here's one we like - built around Vancouver's insatiable hunger for street food, and news about street food.

Up until now, cheap and tasty food from mobile kitchens has been but a daydream to anyone not working in the movie industry, and what with the City nannies' stumbling and fumbling towards a solution, the itch has yet to be scratched. But then, being denied is also what made British Columbia into the wine obsessed society that it is. So we're used to this sort of thing.

Vancouver Street Eats - the blog, has only been around for two months but already it has done a credible job of rounding up the few small start ups that have made it through the eye of the needle, and have created a spot where they can be followed, given public support and commented upon. Indexes are neatly listed, a location map is provided, and its easy to find everything. VSE also retweets the tweets of all its subjects, making that info stream easier to monitor as well. (See

Let's hope the City keeps the editors James and Amy busy by continuing to feed them plenty of material.

And remember guys, keep those thumbs out out of the hand-held food shots.

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