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September 07, 2010
New Blogs with Spark: KidFoodies - Can't say we are big fans of the web design, and we won't be cribbing from it, but we love the concept.

What better solution for dealing with your fidgety child while dining out in a restaurant than to turn him or her into a restaurant reviewer. After all, don't whiners make the best critics?

Getting him to record what he is eating, and what he thinks about it, will help him learn to focus, improve his motor dexterity, spelling skills and powers of observation. What's more, once the restaurant sees that everything is being documented, it might improve their anti-ankle biter attitudes as well.

If we had children that we needed to take along on our working reviews, we'd want to take advantage of this opportunity anyway, because as the publisher parent:

1) You could assign "150 words at a penny a word", and not have to apologize about it, and
2) children have a fresh way of looking at things. Unlike grown up writers, they don't get hung up on irony, but it happens anyway.

For example: We once saw a small kid being shown around his father's office.

"And here Bradley, is the company boardroom", said Dad.

"Wow", said Bradley. "A whole big room just to get bored in!"

You can't buy perspective like that.

As they say: "Out of the mouth of babes."

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