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March 04, 2009
Mark Laba Moves to Blogville

So what we want to know is this ... Why it is when newspapers decide to put themselves on an economic diet, the first person they let go of is the food columnist?  Especially if he/she is good at the job.

Well, its just too sad.  The local guy with humour to burn and a unique perspective gets a boot in the bagels, while we the readers get stranded with the same old syndicated home economists and their recipes for pineapple cheesecake squares.

Thank Jehovah for the Internet, because now that the Province has "retired" its restaurant critic, Mark Laba, all is not lost to his fans.  He has merely moved his quirky outlook, plus an archive from his perverse pantry of prose to an independent blog.  Look for him on

After all these years we have to say: "Mark, we're sorry we made you go to Hooters, but hey, look where it lead you".

Is Laba sentimental about exiting the hallowed halls of old media?  Nah, he's just glad to finally get that bag off his head.

UPDATE: All is not lost to the Province readers. Although the weekly column will be gone, the daily newspaper will be hiring Mark Laba to create special food and restaurant features in the future - stay tuned.
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