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September 21, 2010
New Blogs with Spark: Russia With Love
Have you ever thought about visiting Russia?

I know I have. A trip to Russia with my father (who was born there) has been on the planning boards for several years now, and will hopefully happen soon. (Cross fingers.) Maybe next spring?

I've never thought about actually living there though. Unlike former Vancouverite, Wanda Love, who packed up her life and moved to Moscow only a few weeks ago. In her new blog, To Russia With Love (how sure thing was that title?), Love is already documenting her experiences adjusting to the many cultural differences between the two cities. (A bottle of vodka can be purchased at any corner store for as little as $1.17, while a Starbucks latte will set you back over $7, or whatever that works out to in rubles.)

Says Love, "After 5 years of life in Vancouver’s funky West End, while my husband was working for the 2010 Olympic Games, we’re embarking on another Olympic experience – this time in Russia. What will I do there? No idea. Off I go to a new country with no job, no Russian language skills, and I only drink vodka in a martini. Another interesting adventure is underway."


We are looking forward to following her adventures, especially any encounters with Russian cuisine and drink. Will she learn to stylishly knot a babushka, sing a karaoke rendition of "Oh, Chechornia", gain 20 pounds eating perogies? Oh wait now, those are all Ukrainian cliches, no?

Looks like Wanda Love could be our advance scout to the real Russian experience.

Follow her on Twitter @WandaLove.

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