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August 12, 2011
Other People's Bright Ideas: Gelato Rose

Granted, it's the quality of the gelato that really counts ... but this has to be the most beautiful ice cream we've seen yet.

The "flower" blooming from its cone is a signature style of Amorino, an Italian-style gelato company that operates throughout Europe, but mostly in France.

Counter clerks use a special scooping technique and tool to craft "petals" from the gelato, which are then strategically packed onto the cone until a rose shape emerges. In theory, this could allow you to sample all two dozen flavours in the store (one flavour per petal), although most customers opt for a choice of three.

Amorino recently opened its first North American outlet in New York and are looking for other franchise partners.

So far, there have been no contracts made in Canada, so the opportunity is up for a lick.

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