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October 07, 2009
Evian Gets a New Frock by Paul Smith

This one posed a categorization quandary.  Was it a new product or an art thing?

Eventually we decided to file Evian's latest bottle under food styling because it's not the product that is being featured (same old Evian water), so much as it's chic, new, limited edition packaging courtesy of English designer Paul Smith.

In this case, Smith has adorned the standard 750 mL, clear glass Evian bottle with his trademark multicoloured stripes -- a whimsically graphic look that beyond the usual fashion merchandise of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories, he has also transferred onto soccer balls, cameras, perfume bottles, rugs and even a Mini Cooper.

With this connection, Evian is attempting to attract the young female market. Possibly the same demographic that prefers their cell phone cases in candy colours. However, if Evian were attempting to be truly trendy they would find a way to bottle their designer water in a biodegradable vessel. 

That being said, perhaps owning a Smith designer water is a pro-eco choice after all. They are so stylish that we can imagine a recycle afterlife for these bottles.  With the Evian logo sanded off to create an opaque band about the bottle, we picture several of them lined single file down the centre of a table or buffet sideboard, each one sporting a single colourful tulip or gerbera daisy.

Just an idea, anyway.

Look for the Paul Smith bottles stacked up by the cash registers in Urban Fare stores starting this November. They are priced at $4.99 per bottle, and come in a choice of five different colour caps.

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