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July 23, 2012
The Little Green Dress Project

Wear it then compost it!

As part of this summer's Earth Art exhibit at VanDusen Botanical Garden, environmental artist, Nicole Dextras will present The Little Green Dress Projekt -- an outdoor installation of 28 organic dresses.

Dextras' project reworks the fashion adage that every woman should own a little black dress, only this time with an ecological twist. By promoting public awareness of how the clothing industry impacts the environment, and offering an unconventional alternative to synthetic fabrics, she proposes that everyone should own at least one item of clothing that was produced in a sustainable manner.

For this reason, the dresses on view in the Garden will be made entirely from organic, locally sourced materials. Constructed from over 100 leaves and flowers, each of the 28 designs (the number is based on the lunar cycle), will reference the classic sleeveless shift, first introduced by Coco Channel.

Made-to-measure for specific women, from fashionistas to gardeners (all chosen for their support and involvement in eco-fashion), each dress will uniquely reflect the personality of their muses.

As with Dextras’ previous "Weedrobes" series, each sculpture will be photographed and then left to decompose over time.

Proving, we suppose, another adage that all classic styles are eventually recycled.

(* Photo above is a leaf dress created by artist Susan Lenz.)

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